Best Debt Companies


With so many debt relief companies and review sites, where can you turn to for real information you can trust?

Finding the best debt companies is easy but don’t trust sites using words similar to best debt or best ___ .. These types of sites will rank the top 5 companies as those that paid the highest price. There are at least 5 “best debt companies” that are owned by the same parent company but each one has a different name. This gives the appearance you are shopping for the best debt company, but in reality you are not. They may claim that through their own investigation, they will rank each company and give you their unbiased opinion for the best debt companies.

Its important to understand that many companies create affiliates and any business from the affiliate is referred to the original company. Many times the top 5 companies are really the same company with different names!

Unbiased Expert Reviews & Ratings.

There is only one true source for reviews: The Better Business Bureau

Many sites appear to be real honest reviews and may use a website with the words “trust” or “consumer” to appear legitimate. These are actually advertising sites where a business can upload its own list of pre-selected customers. These sites ask a series of questions that makes the response appear to be glowing.

They will then remove the negative comments and only publish the positive review. An example would be: ‘The company lied to me and took my money, but Alex was wonderful.’ The review would then show only “Alex was wonderful”

If you are shopping, find out who does the actual work or ask “what company does the negotiations?”. That will be the company you want to research.

REAL REVIEWS for the best debt consolidation companies? Check the Better Business Bureau at

When you find a company that you feel is the best debt companies, let us check them out. If after our free review you decide to stay with that company, we wont be insulted. You will feel more secure with your choice.