CBNA shows up on your credit report – What should you do?

We are not CBNA. WE are not on your credit report. Please do not call us to discuss CBNA

CBNA (Credit Bureau of North America, LLC) is a collection agency headquartered in Tennessee, USA.  CBNA may also stand for Citibank North America. Read on to know what you should do when you’re contacted by Credit Bureau of North America or Citibank North America.

What to do if its an old debt?

If the collection agency or bank is contacting you about an old debt, you should first check whether or not the Statute of Limitations on that debt has expired. If it is expired, then the agency cannot file a lawsuit against you to collect the unpaid amount. However, the agency may still use other means to collect on the debt.

Before you make any payments to CBNA, you should negotiate with them to settle your debts if your financial situation doesn’t permit you to repay the outstanding balance in full. Debt Settlement Group will negotiate on your behalf to reduce the balance.


What if you’ve paid off the debt but it shows up on your report?

If you’ve paid off the debt but it’s not reflected on your credit report by saying “Paid” or having a zero balance, then you should dispute it with Citibank North America or Credit Bureau of North America, LLC. You should send a dispute letter to CBNA and also to the credit bureau asking them to correct the incorrect information. Or, you can contact the creditor or collection agency and ask them to do it on your behalf. The account should appear as “Paid” on your credit report.


What should you do if you don’t owe the debt at all?

If you don’t owe the debt and a collection agency is attempting to collect on it, then you should ask them to validate the debt and then dispute the account with the credit bureaus to get the incorrect information deleted from your credit reports.


How can you contact CBNA – Credit Bureau of North America, LLC?

You should keep in mind that bill collectors are trained professionals. Before calling them to make a payment or settlement, you should speak with an expert.

Credit Bureau of North America’s (CBNA) contact information is:

Credit Bureau of North America, LLC
200 Creekside Dr.
Dickson, TN 37055

Phone No. – (615) 446-7128

Fax: (615) 446-2111

This information was found on the internet. If the number is no longer valid, you need to continue searching online for a contact number for CBNA. Do not contact Debt Settlement Group to obtain their phone number.

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