Debt Rx Complaints

DebtRx Complaints

If you want to find DebtRx complaints, the best place to trust is the Better Business Bureau.

Its important to note that DebtRx and DebtRx USA are not the same company.

The current BBB DebtRx review rating is:

                                   bbb_rating a plus

 Along with positive reviews, this company has been listed with the BBB since 2003.

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Be careful of any other site that promises a DebtRx review!

Our competitors create fake websites which appear to be a consumer rating site and may use names similar to bestdebtcompanies. Sometimes these  sites appear to rate multiple companies, however, the top 3-5 companies are actually owned by the same company! It appears there is much competition, however, that is not the case. Although these types of sites may appear as unbiased reviews, they are not.