Palisades Collection Agency is Sued

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Looking for contact information or how to make a payment to Palisades Collection Agency? Read on.

Palisades Collection Agency, based in New Jersey, is under review by New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs, which has received 96 complaints against the agency since 2004, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal.
The collection agency has been named in 591 federal lawsuits since 2005, largely for alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, including attempts to collect from people who say they don’t owe it, according to the newspaper. Many of theses suits were eventually dismissed or settled out of court.
Now, a lawsuit filed this month in Manhattan federal court alleges that Palisades and its law firm Pressler & Pressler sued thousands of New Yorkers over unpaid accounts with AT&T Wireless. Those involved say they never incurred the debts.


Many were never notified of the lawsuits, but the agency obtained default judgments totaling millions of dollars, according to the suit. Victims learned of the judgments years later, when their bank accounts were frozen, wages garnished or after discovering problems with their credit, the lawsuit says.

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