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Is Debt Rx Legit?

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Is Debt Rx Legit?

DebtRx has been around since 1999, thats 18 years as of this post. Various website reviews are positive.

Find out if Debt Rx Legit, trust the Better Business Bureau.

The direct link for the BBB Debt Rx review can be found by clicking here.

The current BBB Debt Rx review rating is: A+, along with positive reviews. This company has been listed with the BBB since 2003.

Be careful of any other site that promises a Debt Rx review because many times these sites are actually competitors who setup fake websites that appear to be a consumer rating site and may use names similar to bestdebtcompanies. Sometimes these types of sites will rate multiple companies and put their own company at the top in the number one position in an effort to pull customers away. Although these types of sites may appear as unbiased reviews, they are not.