Debt Rx USA

DebtRx USA

If you want to find Debt Rx USA, stop looking!

Its important to know that DebtRx and DebtRx USA are not the same company.

Debt Rx USA tried to buy the website name from us many years ago and when we would not agree to sell the name, this other company added the name USA to the end, making their website name Debt Rx USA and later went out of business.

We are not DebtRx USA and are not related. Unfortunately there is negative information on this Debt Rx USA and callers mistake us for them.

If you want to read complaints and reviews for the real Debt Rx, click here.


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Be careful of any other site that promises a Debt Rx review because many times these sites are actually competitors who setup fake websites that appear to be a consumer rating site and may use names similar to bestdebtcompanies. Sometimes these types of sites will rate multiple companies and put their own company at the top in the number one position in an effort to pull customers away. Although these types of sites may appear as unbiased reviews, they are not.